Oil is an integral part of your engine as it reduces friction and helps manage engine heat. It also protects motor parts against the effects of damaging toxins. Trying to make sure that your vehicle has the correct oil in it will improve its performance and protect your vehicle from preventable damage. Read our blog for an explanation of the differences between semi and fully-synthetic oil.

What’s what?

Semi synthetic oils are cheaper than fully synthetic oils as they are a mixture of synthetic and mineral oil. Motor Engines requiring semi synthetic oil must use at least semi synthetic oil (not mineral oil) but may benefit from upgrading to fully synthetic oil for increased protection and performance.

Fully synthetic oils are purely synthetic with no mineral oil. They are better understood as a grade of motor oil. They offer the highest levels of performance and are an essential requirement for many modern engines.

How do these differ?

Synthetic oils are specifically manufactured to provide consistent, superior performance. Their main benefit over mineral oils is that they protect the engine across a far wider range of temperatures – up to an engine’s maximum temperature and beyond. Also, they do not have the impurities found in mineral oils or degrade as quickly and they are thinner, helping to improve fuel efficiency.
The word synthetic infers that the oil is made in a laboratory (after going through the certain process). This is kind of blurring of the facts and it has confused customers’ right up to the present time. Chemists have alluded to the idea that chemicals derived from crude oil can be modified to the extent that they are identical to synthetic molecules even if they don’t “originate in the lab.”

Are Synthetic Oils really better than Mineral Oils?

Most people say, yes. Synthetic oils have properties and qualities that mineral oils do not possess, because synthetic oils were specifically designed to have them. They are known to have a better viscosity index and better oxidation stability, due to the specific properties from the molecules used to synthetize them. On the downside, they are more expensive.

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